Smelly & Sweaty Feet?

We believe a pair of good socks are as important as a pair of good shoes.

SNUG invested in the research and development of socks to solve some of the most common problems faced by people who walk a lot, stand for long hours, sweat easily and, who already have a odour issue at their feet. You can wear a pair of 3-for-10 socks that is just a pair of socks, or you can wear a pair of SNUG socks, designed for comfort, hygiene and durability.


Mix of natural cotton and functional fiber

SNUG socks are made of the S.Top+ compound fiber, an integration of Deodorizing Fiber Technology from Japan, Porous Aerating Fiber from Taiwan and Natural Cotton from the U.S.A.

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Lycra© at the cuff, and seamless

SNUG uses the best material in the industry for elasticity - Lycra©. With Lycra© spandax spandex fabric at the cuff, SNUG socks is firm, not tight and doesn't come loose.

No more irritating sock marks at your ankle!

Design & Quality Make

Conforms to Feet

Especially the heels. We're sure you experience the heel part coming off after some walking or running.

SNUG socks are specially designed and stitched to conform. We categorized 10 foot sizes into our chart to make sure our socks SNUG comfortably for all.


Tested for ZERO Toxicants

SNUG socks material are tested against CNS15290 by S.G.S. Taiwan to ensure it fits the stringent criteria for safety of use. Even a newborn can wear a SNUG safely.

Start Snugging Your Feet!