SNUG proprietary fibre (S.TOP+) is the golden ratio of the latest in fibre tech found around the world, including Deodorizing Fibre from Japan, Organic Hygroscopic Fibre from Taiwan and All-natural Cotton from the U.S.A. S.TOP+ compound fibre is used on all SNUG socks in varying quantities according to the very purpose of each type of socks.

Yes. Rid the bad smell in 10 secs.

The basic concept of S.TOP+ is a fabric that is "Breathable" enough to allow moist to escape and yet, dense enough to offer cushion and comfort for the skin. However, being "Breathable" or porous is just not enough, especially in tropical climate such as South-East Asia or for individuals who sweat alot.

SNUG also researched into materials and treatments that are also hygroscopic and Antimicrobial, applying imported Japanese Ag+ coated Antimicrobial Fibre into our Antimicrobial series of socks.

Let's Dive Into It!

S.TOP+ Compound Fibre is made up of varying proportions of the following Tech Fibres, depending on the application of the fabric; socks, sport socks, compression socks, underwear, sports t-shirt etc. Be sure to check the product description for more information on the comfort level, sweat absorbing performance and deodour performance.

Beech Modal Fibre

Besides the softness of Modal Fibre made from Beech trees, Modal fibre is extremely hard-wearing. It allows fabric to keep its shape and fit after many washes. In addition, Modal Fibre does not trap sweat and odour, making it ideal for our intimate wear. Most importantly, it is a man-made fibre with sustainability as a key component of its invention.

Deodorizing Fibre

Imported from Japan, the Deodorizing function is self-renewable and doesn't fade with washes. The Japanese tech fibre not only absorbs bad smell from your feet, but does so from its surroundings too. This is important as the germs that causes bad smell exists in your shoes as well. The fibre also absorbs moisture and keep your feet dry through the day.
* Does not apply if you are wearing the socks and soaked under water!

100% Natural Cotton

Imported from the United States, 100% Cotton is integrated into S.TOP+ Compound Fibre because cotton absorbs moisture and is able to absorb water up to 24 - 27 times its own weight. Of course, this only applies to 100% real natural cotton, not synthetic man-made cotton or those mixed with polyester.

Start Snugging Your Feet!